Discover the valley of Guesálaz

Located in the northern area of Tierra Estella, almost 77 km2 in size and which has a population that does not exceed 500 inhabitants. The different villages which make up the valley are: Arguiñano, Arzoz, Esténoz, Garísoain, Guembe, Irujo, Irurre, Iturgoyen, Izurzu, Lerate, Muez, Muniain, Muzqui, Vidaurre and Viguria. It is bordered to the north by Valle de Goñi and Sierra de Sarbil which provides access to the Pamplona Basin through Etxauri Port. To the south it is bordered by Valle de Yerri, sharing the Alloz marsh which is fed by the River Salado. This river gives Guesálaz valley its name in Basque.

Fauna y flora

There is an abundance of wildlife consisting of squirrels, bats, foxes, badgers, martens, etc., all kinds of birds and amphibians such as the common frog and the palmate newt.

Birds of prey: griffon vulture, peregrine falcon, eagle owl, red kite, harrier, screech owl, etc. Other birds such as; robin, nightingale, goldfinch, cardelina, etc. Aquatic wildlife: heron, cormorant, moorhen, gosling, mallards, etc
Species of fish: Carp, catfish, parachondrostoma turiense, prawns, etc.

The Sierra de Sarbil forms a fairly extensive geographic unit, which separates the Pamplona Basin from the beginning of Tierra Estella, through Valle de Guesálaz.

The highest point of the sierra is Peña Etxauri (1,138 metres), also known as Sarbil and even more commonly known as Cabezón de Etxauri. From its highest point we can make out one of the best views of the Pamplona Basin with the Pyrenees in the background, Valle de Guesálaz flanked by Sierras de Andia and Urbasa.

Activities outside Hilaris

In this section we want to recommend some of the various activities that can be developed in the vicinity of the area where we are.
Without doubt an ideal complement to accompany your stay at Hilaris.