Try Hilaris wine

Learn and enjoy a good wine ...

In the neighboring valley of Echauri and Yerri valley we can find wineries that offer guided tours with wine tasting and tasty tasting menus.
* In any of the wineries, the visit to the winery can be done in a horse cart or even in a segway.
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Do you want to start in the exciting world of wine tasting?

We will learn to know better this inseparable protagonist of our celebrations and events.

The course takes place in the rural house Hilaris and lasts 3 hours. Professionals of the enocultura will show you how to catalog, evaluate and appreciate our selection of Hilaris wines.

Minimum group: 6 people

Millennial visit

Salinas de Oro - 5 km

In the town of Salinas de Oro we can also see one of the oldest salt mines in Navarra La salinera It is characterized by the production of salt in an artisanal way using spring water.
After the process of drying and evaporation of the water, the result is an exceptional salt rich in Iodine, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron.

Guided tours are offered for a small fee. Also on July 31 is the day of the Salt, with children’s workshops, craftsmen, gastronomy, salt water pools, to participate.

You can also learn about the world of beekeeping, the life of bees, the preparation of honey and the way it is extracted.

You can taste various types of honey of different blooms and visit the hives. In the year 2010 the honey of Casa Azkorena “Gorena” won the first prize of honey from Navarra, with its multifloral honey.

Recommended visit to the mielería Erlan (Izurzu) a few meters from Muniain

Visit a cheese factory

Lezaún - 21,8 km

As in many other places in the geography of Navarra, in Tierras de Iranzu we also have numerous cheese factories that continue to make their cheeses in an artisanal way.

The perfect combination of tradition and modern working methods results in excellent cheeses, highly appreciated and valued nationally and internationally.

 Guided visit to cheese factories with tasting and possibility of Shepherd’s Menu.

Churches and monasteries

Eguarte - 24,6 km

In Tierras de Iranzu we find numerous historical buildings with great patrimonial wealth, among which the Monasterio de Iranzu, where in summer you can enjoy a magnificent theatrical guided tour.

In the same town of Muniain we have a clear example of the Romanesque of the twelfth century in the Church of Santa Catalina.

Other buildings of great architectural and cultural interest are the Santa María de Eguiarte church, the Viguria Palace and the Santa María de Garísoain Church, also of Romanesque origin.

Storytelling Hilaris

Casa Hilaris

For the little ones and not so small. A good time of animation and entertainment by our storytelling friends.

Stories that will leave us open-mouthed.

Approximate duration of the activity: 50 minutes.